We begin all of our training packages with a two plus hour consultation. During that time, Roma will meet you, your family and pets. We will discuss your dog's training needs and behavioral issues. Roma will observe your dog's behavior and reactions to the environment; as well as, how he relates to the members of your household, including other animals. Roma will answer your questions and provide you with some tools to help you with whatever issues you may be having with your dog or cat. The, if you decide to go ahead with a training plan, we will develop a specific training plan for you.

Consultation Fee: $100.00

‚ÄčTraining Package A:

Designed for dogs who need basic manners training. We'll teach your dog things like: how to greet people calmly, loose leash walking, to come when called, and much more. 

This package consists of five one-hour sessions.       


Training Package B:

Home School - We train your dog while you're away. 

We designed this package for people who are too busy, or prefer not, to train their dog themselves. This package is great for new puppies and newly adopted dogs.

This package consists of six forty-five minute sessions. We will schedule a thirty minute appointment with you during the third week to discuss your dogs progress. Then we will schedule another thirty minute appointment after the sixth session to show you the cues we have taught your dog.


Training Package C:

This package is for generally well trained dogs, who just need to learn one or two specific skills, or need help to "tune up" an already learned behavior.

This package consists of four forty-five minute sessions.


Dog Training & Pet Nanny Services

Pet Sitting


All of our first time Pet Nanny Packages begins with a free consultation. During our consultation, we meet you and your pets. We learn about your pets' daily routines: diet, medicines, exercise, grooming, sleeping, eliminating habits, etc. We familiarize ourselves with you home and home care needs. We complete the necessary paperwork, ask and answer questions. To avoid a key pick up charge, we will also get your keys during the consultation. This mandatory meeting must be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to the first visit. 

One Visit Per Day

This plan is designed for working pet parents, who want their dog to have a walk or playtime during the day. It's also good for cats or small animals who are free-fed and don't require a lot of attention each day.

$18.00 - thirty minute visit

$24.00 - one hour visit

$10.00 - per each additional half hour

Two Visits Per Day

For cats and other animals who are fed, or take medications, twice daily. This plan is also good for some adult dogs, who have access to their potty area.

$36.00 - two thirty minute visits

$48.00 - two one hour visits

$10.00 - per each additional half hour

Three Visits Per Day

For dogs who need more "outside" time, pets who eat or take medications three times per day, or those who just need some extra TLC.

$54.00 - three thirty minute visits

$70.00 - three one hour visits

$10.00 - per each additional half hour


This plan is for all pets! We arrive at your home no later than 7pm. We feed, exercise and play with your pets. We clean up pet waste in the yard/litter boxes. We spend the night, and then leave the next morning after having fed, exercised, cleaned up pet waste, etc. We are in your home, with your pets, for a minimum of twelve hours.

$75.00 - per night: 12-13 hours

$10.00 - per each additional half hour, after 13 hours

$90.00 - per night, plus an extra thirty minute visit

Additional Charges

More than three pets - per extra pet/per day - $2.00

Dispensing medications - per pet/per day - $2.00

Special Key Pick Up/Drop Off - per trip - $10.00

Holiday Charge - New Year Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day - $20.00

Returned Check Fee - $25.00

All payments are due at the beginning of each service period.

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